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Galway City Council's Vision for Melody Court Community Centre

Under Galway City Council’s leadership, Melody Court Community Centre was selected for significant energy upgrades as part of the Community Energy Grant package. The aim is to enhance thermal comfort for elderly residents and support the council’s 2030 decarbonisation objectives. As a trusted advisor, Plan Energy conducted a comprehensive SI426 audit to identify key areas for improvement.


The centre faces issues with poor thermal insulation, outdated lighting, and inefficient heating systems, leading to discomfort for its elderly residents. Addressing these challenges is crucial for improving their quality of life and reducing the building’s carbon footprint.

Solutions Planned

Based on the audit, and with the council's approval, Plan Energy secured the Community Energy Grant. The following upgrades are scheduled to begin shortly:

  • Pumped Cavity Insulation: Improve thermal retention by filling wall cavities with high-performance insulation.

  • Full LED Lighting Upgrade: Replace outdated lighting with energy-efficient LED systems, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Heating System Upgrade: Install a modern, efficient heating system to ensure consistent and comfortable indoor temperatures.

  • Triple-Glazed Windows and Doors: Upgrade to composite components to enhance insulation and reduce heat loss.

  • Increased Attic Insulation: Bring attic insulation up to current building regulations, significantly improving overall energy efficiency.

Anticipated Outcomes

Once completed, the energy upgrades will substantially reduce outside air infiltration, ensuring a comfortable environment for residents. The project will also contribute to Galway City Council’s broader decarbonisation efforts, showcasing the potential for similar initiatives in other community centres.

"Galway City Council secured the services of Plan Energy to complete a number of energy audits to buildings such as community centres and site offices owned by the local authority. Based on these audits we are in a position to identify areas of energy saving opportunities. With the assistance of Plan Energy we submitted an application for funding to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland funding stream called community energy grants. Galway City Council aim to commence these projects in June 2024 which will assist in the local authority achieving 2030 targets."

Damien Reddington, Climate Action Coordinator, Galway City Council


The planned energy upgrades at Melody Court Community Centre highlight Galway City Council’s visionary leadership in sustainable community development. With Plan Energy as a trusted advisor, the council is set to achieve its objectives of improving residents' quality of life and setting a benchmark for future sustainable initiatives. Our technical expertise and personalised support are instrumental in helping clients achieve their sustainability goals.

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