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ISO 50001 Accelerator Programme

Join the Leaders in Energy Management


The ISO 50001 Accelerator Programme, developed by SEAI, helps public sector entities meet 2030 energy efficiency and CO2 reduction targets. Sligo and Galway County Councils are leading the way, aiming for ISO 50001 certification later this year. 

Bureaucratic Compliance or Effective Energy Management Tool?

ISO50001 will transform your energy efficiency and is easier to implement than it's reputation might lead you to believe.  Key benefits are savings, streamlined processes, energy efficiency and compliance. 


Significant cost savings

Reduce energy consumption

and operational costs.


Improved Energy Efficiency

​Streamline processes and improve energy use.

land control.png

Meet Legal and Regulatory Requirements

Stay ahead of regulations on energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Ensure compliance with national and international standards.

Why partner with us? 



15+ years experience in decarbonisation and sustainable energy



Highly skilled & experienced energy auditors, project managers and support staff. 



Tailored Solutions to meet your objectives.

Customised modules to meet your needs. 



Irish owned & Independent. Best recommendations for you and transparency you can trust. 



Dedicated account manager and support you can rely on. 

Client Testimonial

“The assistance & support being provided by Plan Energy, through the regional Energy Bureau, has proven to be invaluable with regard to the work required to improve energy management throughout the Local Authority, and in preparation for the implementation of the ISO 50001 energy management system.”

Pete Murtagh,

Energy Efficiency & Climate Action Officer,

Sligo County Council

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