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Shared Island, Decarbonisation Feasibility Study

The duration of the project was March -June 2023. 56 energy audits were carried out on public access buildings including national schools, secondary schools, emergency services, youth centres, hospitals and community centres. 30 of these projects then went on to be assessed for retrofit measures.


Our recommendations included elements such as lighting, solar, insulation, heat pumps and biomass. We also delivered a strategic stakeholder communication plan for each project stage phase from market priming to completion. The works are due to commence in 2024. 

  • 4721 MWh's energy savings identified

  • Identified potential to reduce CO2 emissions by 50%

  • CO2 reduction equivalent to 1,389 tonnes 

  • Identified 50% saving in energy cost; €647,933

Wind Farm Feasibilty Project Delivery

Activities undertaken as part of this project included feasibility studies of potential renewable energy development sites.  

The client also requested detailed technical analysis of specific site parameters such as site capacity, grid, planning, transport, construction, and financial viability. 

Provided client with guidance on: 
  • Project planning, goal setting and risk management  

  • Scope and scale of technical studies  

  • Grid policy transmission & distribution level, availability, timelines 

  • Market participation and PPA terms 

  • Procurement of third party technical and environmental consultants 

  • Establish impact and next steps for project development journey 

  • Detailed energy modelling and commercial viability assessment

  • Effective stakeholder engagement strategies   

  • Community benefit funds 

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